Who We Are

Located in Largo, Florida USA, we are a family owned business that is dedicated to creating natural, organic skin and hair care products that get the job done naturally as nature intended.  Red Rock Organics is a complete natural solution for your skin and any skin condition.

Our business started out small but continues to grow due to the ever increasing demand for natural skin care products that work and don’t contain harmful chemicals.

The good news is that we are not in any large store chains and we like it that way.  Our commitment is to you, our customers, to create skin and hair care products that are free of paraben, water, mineral oil, alcohol and other harsh chemicals.

What Makes Us So Different

There are two huge differences that really set us apart from other natural skin care companies.

Aloe Vera GelThe first is that we use Aloe Vera as our main and first ingredient (and the first ingredient is the one that there is the most of in the product)   I invite you to take a minute sometime and look at the label of your soaps, shampoos and even skin cream and notice the first ingredient there.   It is highly likely that the first ingredient will be water.

Water is less expensive for the manufacturer but it does dry out your scalp and skin.   Aloe Vera is a much better solution. The Aloe actually acts as a carrier ingredient that carries the other nutrients in our products deep below the surface of your skin so rejuvenation can occur in your skin cells.

Aloe Vera is used to treat sunburn, moisturize skin and scalp, treats acne, fights aging, lessens the visibility of stretch marks and is nutrient rich. Clearly a better base to use in skin care products than water.
The second way that we are unique is that all of our products are formulated to the exact pH of your skin (5.5).   Your skin is the largest organ your body has.  It is your body’s first line of defense against germs, toxins, fungus, viruses, disease and infection.

Your skin’s natural pH is 5.5 which is acidic.  This natural acid layer of protection is by design making your skin the place where the buck stops here, not letting any of the above enter your body, just as nature intended.

The bad news is that we are destroying our first line of defense by using alkaline soaps, shampoos, detergents, skin creams and even hand sanitizers on our skin.  These strip our skin of its natural pH breaking down this natural first line of defense.

Our products all restore your skin to its natural acid pH of 5.5 and we say so on our jars and bottles.

We Welcome Communication

We really love to hear from our customers.  Your good news stories and suggestions always make our day.  Any troubles that may occur we can then fix them and grow stronger with better customer service for it.  E-mail us any time at  info@RedRockOrganics.net