New Rosacea Face Wash Helps To Prevent Skin Damage Caused By Commonly Used High PH Soaps

One of the instigating causes of the skin condition rosacea is a skin pH imbalance. Well known American natural skin care company Red Rock Organics is helping to educate people about skin pH and how to better protect the skin with a range of natural and organic skin care products.

They have recently released a premier new Rosacea Face Wash, formulated to support a healthy skin pH balance. This product will help to reverse the damaging effects of commercial soap products and assist to heal and protect the skin.

Healthy skin should not be too acidic or too alkaline otherwise it is prone to problems. The very top layer of the skin, referred to as the acid mantle, should be slightly acidic to help combat microbial attacks. . [Read More …]

News – Red Rock Organics Announces A Special Discount For Fans Of Their Facebook Page

To celebrate the launch of Red Rock Organics new Rosacea Face Wash, the company is offering an exclusive discount to fans of their popular Facebook page: “I Love Organic Skin Care”.

This is a frequently visited site for people interested in natural skin care and Red Rock Organics would like to reward their loyal followers with this special offer.

In a interview with Red Rock Organics CEO and spokeswoman, Ms. Carr highlighted some of the benefits of their new face wash: “Rosacea doesn’t affect everyone, but anyone affected by this skin condition will want it treated quickly. At first it may develop intermittently, however over time the condition can last for extended periods. The great news is that we have developed a natural treatment that can significantly lessen the appearance, intensity, and frequency of rosacea outbreaks. Our new Rosacea Face Wash is completely natural and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for a wide range of skin types. In launching this latest product, we really wanted to give our loyal Facebook followers a huge discount and we’re expecting plenty of interest.”. [Read More …]

A New 2oz Container Of Red Rock Organics Popular Manuka Honey Skin Cream Is Launched On

Red Rock Organics Manuka Honey Skin Cream is an organic and natural skin care product available exclusively on Up until recently, this product was only available in 4oz and 8oz jars.

Now the company is happy to announce a smaller version of this quality natural skin care product. From today, containers.

This smaller size has been introduced to appeal to people interested in trying the product, customers can also purchase Red Rock Organics Manuka Honey Skin Cream in convenient 2oz or searching for handy travel-sized moisturizers, or looking for a small gift item. . [Read More …]

New Organic Skin Care Company Announces The Use Of Organic Aloe Vera In All Products

Red Rock Organics is a family owned and operated company dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of using food grade, organic ingredients in skin care products. The first ingredient in all of the Red Rock Organic skin care products is organic aloe vera . Organic Aloe Vera is the healing base ingredient that houses all other food grade organic and natural ingredients in Red Rock Organics Creams.

Ms. Carr, the owner of Red Rock Organics, says, “When it comes to skin care products it’s difficult to find companies that don’t use harmful chemicals. Most people are aware that ingredients such as parabens are to be avoided, although there are also plenty of other compounds that people should steer away from. Alcohol derivatives are extremely common in cosmetics. There is mounting evidence that these compounds are detrimental to skin health.”. [Read More …]

dry-cracked-heelsRed Rock Organics Announces The Launch Of A New All-Natural Skin Cream For Dry Skin For Men

Skin care products are useful in soothing dry, cracked skin and are used the world over by both men and women. However, men can be more at risk of skin disorders than women.

They work outdoor jobs more than women do so they are going to be getting hit by a lot more sun. Men are exposed to more harmful chemicals on the job generally than women are. They usually don’t want a skin care cream that smells like flowers or has some artificial fragrance in it.

To handle all of these points above, Red Rock Organics is coming out with an all Natural Skin Cream for Dry Skin for Men called Manuka Honey Skin Cream. There are no chemicals in the cream, only food grade quality natural and organic ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, manuka honey, coconut butter.

Also there is no artificial fragrance, toxic parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, or chemicals. Red Rock Organics claims the cream is gentle and natural enough for the baby’s butt and tough enough to handle men’s heels that are like the Sahara desert in the middle of August. .  [Read More …]

Red Rock Organics Launches A New Manuka Honey Cream For Natural Skin Care

Emerging natural skin care company, Red Rock Organics, is excited to announce the release of their inaugural product. Called Manuka Honey Skin Cream, this product uses an advanced combination of natural ingredients that act to nourish, invigorate and shield the skin. 

The star ingredient is New Zealand-derived Manuka Honey. Globally praised for its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, this rare honey is highly sought after within the beauty industry, although difficult to source. Red Rock Naturals combine Manuka Honey with other premium quality natural ingredients to deliver a unique skin care product.  [Read More …]