For a very long time women were the ones that were very interested in their skin,.  First it was to get rid of blemishes and then later in life to maintain that healthy glow and then much later in life, to get rid of telltale wrinkles and spots.   There are many products on the market today for women to choose from for any of these reasons.

However, there is also a rising awareness of what is in those creams and facial skin care products.   Studies show that for generations skin care products have contained petroleum products in the form of mineral oil and another industrial chemical called alcohol.    Add to this an array of powerful preservatives like parabens and you have a nice toxic salve for your skin.   IMAGE 5

Now this blog post is about men so I better start talking about men, those amazing and talented creatures.  Men are more often needing a natural skin cream for their dry skin these days.  Men actually have different skin care needs than woman for these reasons:

– Men typically work outdoor jobs more than women do so they are going to be getting hit by a lot more sun.

– They are exposed to more harmful chemicals on the job generally than women are.

– Men usually don’t want a skin care cream that smells like flowers or has some artificial fragrance in it. So they tend to just tough it out and skip it.

– Men usually have thicker skin than women and it takes a beating daily from shaving with razors  for most of their lives.

– Men have a higher incidence of skin cancer due to some of these points.

What men need is a good no nonsense skin cream for dry skin  that will work on their face as well as their hands, arms, feet, legs, elbows and especially well on their face and that is natural and organic and doesn’t smell like roses.

Men don’t want smelly, greasy, slimy cream (most women don’t either actually) but men want  something that works, that soaks right in and gets the job done.

Men don’t need MORE chemicals in their skin cream.  They get enough in their daily routines most of the time.

To give men what they need, here at  we created a natural skin  cream for dry skin for men that is all of the above.   No fragrance, no toxic parabens, no alcohol, no mineral oil, no artificial anything.  Add to that 100% natural and organic with food grade ingredients like organic aloe vera, shea butter, manuka honey and hemp seed oil.   This cream is gentle and natural enough for the baby’s butt and tough enough to handle men’s heels that are like the Sahara desert in the middle of August.    Why?  Because it’s from nature.  Nature knows what people need and how to fix things naturally.



“I have the most dry, cracked heels you ever saw and this is the only cream that solves that. I have tried everything because sometime my heels would actually bleed from the cracks.  I love this cream from Red Rock Organics. It’s called Manuka Honey Skin Cream.  My wife uses it on our little one year old too.  She loves it because it’s all natural. She breastfed our son for his first year of life so she is aware of keeping children away from chemicals in food and creams and also preservatives that are even in baby formula today.”  — Sgt. S.G. Carr   -US Air Force Active Duty

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