(Part 1 of a 10 part series.)

At Red Rock Organics we believe that Nature has the answers to just about everything and especially when it comes to Beauty and Health.  Lemons play a huge role in keeping us Healthy and therefore Beautiful.     200388719-001

If you are reading this you are probably aware of the need to use only 100% natural / organic ingredients on our skin.  That awareness probably extends to include the idea that it would be best to also put only 100% natural / organic foods in our bodies.

Today’s post is all about what I call my Lemon Bomb and it is going IN the body not on it.   So today’s information is more about Health rather than Beauty, however, as we all know, Beautiful Beauty is not really possible without good Health right?

So here we go.

                                                                         HOW I DO IT

I always use lukewarm or room temperature filtered water.

The reason for this is because I want to chug the Lemon Bomb right IMG_2318down.  If I used ice cold water I would have to sip at it because it’s too hard for the body to process ice cold water.   The night before I pour two cups of water into my glass measuring cup and let it sit overnight.  The reason I use my measuring cup is so I know I am getting 2 cups of lemon water down first thing in the morning and also because it fits nicely under the juicer spout.

I juice one lemon and let the lemon juice run right into the room temperature water.  (I never use bottled lemon juice)

Next I let the hot water run and put a little bit of hot water into a tiny glass and dissolve about ½ tsp of honey in it.  When the honey is dissolved I add that to my 2 cups of lemon water and stir.  I found that even this tiny amount of honey cuts the tartness of the lemon a bit.

Then I pour the drink into a large glass and down it goes.   I do this before I eat anything else when I wake up.

                                                                 AIDES DIGESTION  

The Lemon Juice flushes out toxins from my body and I feel a little more energetic every day. Lemon juice is very high in minerals and vitamins and has the power to loosen and dissolve toxins that play no part in building our immune system.  I have also found that since I have been doing this almost every morning, I have had relief from symptoms like indigestion and bloating.  Also the juice of lemons stimulate the liver to produce bile which is basically an acid that is needed in digestion.

I am convinced that this one simple daily action is helping me to have more energy and I can tell that my digestion is better.

Stay tuned for Part 2  – Balancing pH Levels


MaryKay Carr