What the heck is skin pH and why is this important for healthy skin?

The pH level of your skin refers to how alkaline or acidic it is. This is a measurement scale ranging from 1 to 14, with 14 being the most alkaline and 1 being the most acidic. A reading of 7 is considered neutral.


What should the pH of our skin be?

At the very top of our skin we have an extremely thin, protective layer called the acid mantle.

Mantle comes from a word meaning “to cloak or cover”

The acid mantle pH is 5.5 which is the perfect pH for skin just as nature designed it.  5.5 pH is slightly acidic, perfect for battling away germs.

So the acid mantle of your skin is an important barrier to environmental extremes and helps to protect your skin from bacterial attacks.

The acid mantle starts to develop during puberty when your oil glands start to be activated. During this time the pH is anywhere between 4.5 and 6.2. By the time we are in our late teenage years and into our early twenties, the acid mantle is fully developed. This is one of the reasons why our skin looks so healthy, heals well, and takes care of itself during this time.

However, if your skin pH level is too acidic or too alkaline, that protection falls apart and the condition of your skin suffers.

What makes skin too acidic or too alkaline?

Good question.   Most commercial soaps on the market are way too alkaline. (12 – 13 pH)  This is not good because the high alkaline pH strips your skin of the protective acid mantle put there by nature.


This can lead to a number of skin conditions, including eczema and rosacea.

Red Rock Organics skin products are all formulated to a 5.5 pH level.  The more you use them the happier your skin will be.

“It’s great stuff for my rosacea!  Thanks!”    M.J.H. CEO TTG

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