Today I am posting a guest blog post. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger is someone I trust and follow completely. His site Natural News is a must if you want to keep up on true and cutting edge information in the area of staying healthy using common sense. (

He posted about Manuka Honey. See it here:

“When it comes to emergency medicine for preppers, everybody is already aware of the extraordinary usefulness of things like nano silver, fish antibiotics and off-the-shelf antiseptics such as povidone iodine.

Here, I’ve decided to reveal five little-known emergency medicine items you probably never thought about acquiring for your preps. These are all lifesaving items that most people may not even realize are medicine in the first place.

                                                Manuka HoneyManuka-honey-skin-care11

Manuka honey is Mother Nature’s perfect wound dressing. Produced by honey bees that feast on the flowers of melaleuca bushes, Manuka honey has remarkable antiseptic properties that even the FDA recognizes as medicine.

Manuka honey seals wounds like a natural bandage, keeping out bacteria and aerosolized viruses. When used with wound dressings, it makes an extremely effective wound treatment for victims of burns, cuts or scrapes. (Colloidal silver is also very effective in this way.)

Unlike other emergency medicines, you can actually EAT this medicine, too. Manuka honey is its own delicious source of calories and valuable internal medicine that helps boost immune function and fight bad bacteria in your gut. Because it’s both food and medicine, it’s astonishingly valuable as a barter item.

The best part of all is that honey stores practically forever — literally for thousands of years. There is no “shelf life” concern for honey in a human lifetime. So every dollar you invest in Manuka honey preps today is a dollar that will maintain its value for generations… even centuries.”  Health Ranger-Mike Adams  (see full article here for the 4 other items)

                                              Red Rock Organics

We use Manuka Honey in all of our skin care products. It’s no wonder than Red Rock Organics Skin Care Products work so well.

Here is what one of our customers said about our Manuka Honey Skin Cream:RevIMAGE 1a  FINAL small flower

“Red Rock Organics has won me over with this product!

I have sensitive, dry skin and I also have allergies to certain things. I cannot use most other commercially available skin products and I cannot use fabric softener — my skin will break out! Especially in the winter, itchy rashes appear on my lower legs. If I’m travelling and use a hotel’s moisturizer (we’re talking about good hotels here, like the Hyatt, Westin, Swiss etc,) my skin will break out due to whatever chemicals are in those moisturizers.

So, I’m very picky when it comes to applying products on my skin.

I was looking for skin cream that contained manuka honey (due to its healing properties) and was happy to see Cacoa Seed Butter, Manuka Honey, and Shea Butter as the first three ingredients in this product. Other brands advertise manuka honey but there are a bunch of chemicals list ahead of the honey ingredient — no thanks!

I was VERY happy to see that this product contained “No Fragrance, No Mineral Oil or Alcohol, No Parabens” !!! Dream come true!

The company really does live by its 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guaranteed. I mistakenly thought I was providing feedback for a different company’s product (avoid!), saying that I didn’t like it due to the strong fragrance. The company’s CEO MK Carr immediately apologized and offered a refund because I was not satisfied. But she did mention that Red Rock Organics products do not contain any unnatural fragrance nor any fragrance at all. When I realized my error I apologized but was happy to see that a good company is making a great product.

After a few weeks of use, I am HAPPY to say that I no longer have to reach down and scratch my itchy legs. The quality of life improvement alone is worth it. But now my skin feels much healthier and livelier … just helps me feel better overall.

Thank you Red Rock Organics and MK Carr!!!!!” D. B.

Go to for more information and/or to purchase 100% natural/organic Manuka Honey Skin Care Products.