Extreme Rosacea Help

Rosacea is completely unknown to some people, but once you have it you quickly learn as much as you can about it so that you can get rid of it fast. That is for certain.

Rosacea is not something that is caught from another person. I usually doesn’t even show up before the age of 30. It can begin gradually causing people to believe they are having acne breakouts or that their cheeks flush more easily now.
In the beginning rosacea can be intermittent but as time goes on the redness deepens and the ‘attacks’ of redness last longer. Bumps or pimples show up and sometimes the nose looks quite red and even a bit larger from the bumps.
The good news is that are very good treatments available and there is real hope out there for people with rosacea.

Steps To Take

1. The first step would be to educate yourself through research online in forums and articles to see what has worked and then apply what you learn.

2. The next step would be to pay close attention to when your flare ups occur, for example, if you have a flare up, what did you just recently eat? Chemical laden processed food can tend to be rejected by our bodies and a rosacea flush can be your body’s way of letting you know that it cannot use inferior quality food.  Were you outdoors in the sun? Has some recent event over-stressed you out? In other words, isolate what triggers rosacea flare ups to begin with.

3. Another step would be to make sure that what you are putting on your skin is of the same pH level as your skin (pH level 5.5). Our skin protects and heals itself if we let it. Did you know that your skin has a protective cover layer called the Skin Mantle?  You can read about it here.

At Red Rock Organics, we have had success with our Rosacea Treatment Cream.  That success is due to the fact that our cream is made from nothing other than high quality natural and organic food grade ingredients and skin just soaks it up and healing takes place. Our Rosacea Treatment cream is also created at the 5.5 level pH which is exactly the same pH that your skin is.

Why is pH level important?

Most commercial soaps, lotions and creams have a high pH level (very alkaline) and they actually damage your skin’s own protective mantle. They leave your skin feeling either too dry or too oily due to the ingredients that the products are made with, namely mineral oil and alcohol.

But don’t take it from us … read what our customers are saying about our Rosacea Treatment Cream.

“Honestly, this is the first product that worked for me. Ever. I’ve developed rosacea six months ago and was desperate to get my skin back. I still get small breakouts but things are going much better since using this cream. I could never recommend it enough. It’s also great value, unfortunately shipping costs are very high for me as I live in Italy, but the pot is so big and you need so little that it lasts for months”. – M.A.

Rosacea Help“I have used this Rosacea cream for a week now and can already see the results. The redness of my face is starting to fade away and start to look normal again. The added bonus is that not only does it take away the redness but it leaves my face feeling silky soft and smooth as well. I recieved a great price on this i return of my honest feedback. I can honestly say that this works better then most creams I have tried.” –S.A.

“I received this item a few days ago. I had one small section on my face that I was told was rosacea. I have only used this on the one area for a few days and it’s making it feel better BUT more importantly it’s going down. The area is improving. This item works!!!!” – N.M.

Soon we will be offering a Rosacea Face Wash which is also formulated at a 5.5 pH level. We have already seen huge success with this product in our testing stages and are excited to be able to offer it to others.