“This is a great product.[Manuka Honey Skin Cream] My 18 month old son suffers from severe eczema and I’ve been searching for a natural way to help improve his skin rather than constantly using the topical steroids that all the doctors were prescribing. The first time I put this on his skin, it just soaked it up…his skin went from feeling like alligator skin to feeling much softer and more moist. After using this product for a few weeks now, his skin quality has greatly improved (although he’s still itchy). This product is great for anyone really…it definitely makes my hands feel softer and smoother when I apply it to my son.” – C.B.



I love this eye serum. I have only used it a few days, but it does really, really work!.” -B.P.


“This is another one of my favorite products I was given this to try and give my honest review on, Red Rock Organics – BEST Eye Gel, Eye Cream… is truly amazing and it really does what it said it would do this is now one of the only products that I will continue to use every day the results are real and they last no gimmicks no hype to this products it does just what it states it will do I have been using now for about 2 weeks and I already see a bid change in my eyes. The dark circles are all but gone the puffiness has also gone and the fine lines have faded I truly love this product and will use it from now on Thank you.” -S.M.


This is the first time that I have bought this [Rosacea ]cream and I was very impressed with the quick service. I have only been using the product for a few days and I’m hopeful that it will make a difference to my Rosacea. I really wanted to try something that was natural in ingredients and this fitted the bill exactly. The texture is lovely, ideal for under make-up and the size of the pot is bigger than I expected.” – M.K.


“I have only used for a week [Rosacea Cream], but it feels great on my skin. I look forward to help reducing redness in my skin.” -K.M.


“I LOVE this [Manuka Honey Skin] cream! It is very gentle, no smell, no greasy feel. I would highly recommend it to anyone with dry skin.” – Bes


I was really worried about trying something and not being able to return it, but this [Manuka Honey Skin]  lotion is awesome. I’ve been using it for just a few days and already see an improvement with my acne. No greasy feeling, just moisture where you need it and it heals your skin fast.” -J.T.


“Thanks so much for reaching out. As a matter of fact, I received it [Manuka Honey Facial Moisturizer] last week and opened it immediately!   I have not used any moisturizer for about a year after watching The Human Experiment at the Boulder International Film Festival. Don’t know if you have heard or seen the movie, but its delves into the harmful chemicals we find (like formaldehyde) in beauty/care products. After that, I dropped everything and began making my own tooth paste, using coconut oil for moisturizer (which didn’t last long as I stained a lot of clothing haha) and buying very few products, only natural and organic brands.    Before this change, I was very prone to acne. The last time I had clear skin must have been in the 4th grade. After disgaurding these old beauty products, my skin cleared up and has remained that way since! However, the occasional spurts of unforgiving dry skin that accompanied my moisture-less face had started to change the tone and overall condition of my face. I had zero intentions of going back to my old moisturizer, and happened to stumble upon your product looking for sunscreen and it had such wonderful reviews. I now know why!    The day before your moisturizer arrived I got sun burnt – the kind where you know your nose is going to peel, bad. Started using this moisturizer 3 times a day and the aloe, or maybe just everything in it, was a life saver! My nose still peeled, but very minimally and my overall complexion is much more even. I am only 25, but the year with out moisturizer seems to have taken a slight toll, so thankful for this cream. So far so good on the acne front as well. Definitely will be leaving a 5 star review!   From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your product and desire to offer quality products made with natural and organic ingredients. I am so happy to have found you and your brand. Please don’t hesitate to reach out again should you need anything.” – J.Brown


“I have the most dry, cracked heels you ever saw and this is the only cream that solves that. I have tried everything because sometime my heels would actually bleed from the cracks.  I love this cream from Red Rock Organics. It’s called Manuka Honey Skin Cream.  My wife uses it on our little one year old too.  She loves it because it’s all natural. She breastfed our son for his first year of life so she is aware of keeping children away from chemicals in food and creams and also preservatives that are even in baby formula today.”  — Sgt. S.C. -US Air Force


“I’ve only used the cream [Manuka Honey Facial Moisturizer] twice but so far it seems to be working. I have dry patches on my face and some “natural” creams have made my face burn or turn red. This cream so far has left my face soft and I don’t seem to have the tightening feeling and flaking a little while after using it. My skin stays soft.” –  S.V.C


This is another one of my favorite products I was given this to try and give my honest review on, Red Rock Organics – BEST Eye Gel, Eye Cream… is truly amazing and it really does what it said it would do this is now one of the only products that I will continue to use every day.  The results are real and they last – no gimmicks – no hype to this product – it does just what it states it will do.  I have been using it now for about 2 weeks and I already see a big change in my eyes. The dark circles are all but gone the puffiness has also gone and the fine lines have faded I truly love this product and will use it from now on. Thank you.” – Stacie M. 


My boyfriend has bad skin on his back. But after using this cream for about a week, you can definitely see a difference. I wish I took before and after pictures. I got this product at a great price and I recommend it to others.” – Jacqueline C. 


“This Rosacea Cream is a really good product. After a few days, instead of my cheeks looking like broken veins, it just looked like had blush on. Ha Ha, I don`t need to wear blush anymore. I was able to just apply a little bb cream and eye makeup and I was good to go. This is my second item from Red Rock organics and I tell you I am impressed, they are really making a difference for me. I wanted to try this product and give you my honest opinion, Red Rock allowed me to take part in their promotion and now I will be a life long customer. I do love this product.” – Jenn S. 


“This [Manuka Honey Skin Cream] is exactly as it’s described. Unscented, a little goes a long way, and it absorbs fast enough that you aren’t left with any greasy, damp feeling.  I bought this to try to fix my husband’s terrible “winter itch.” This cream is not advertised for winter itch, but I’m trying everything. While this did heal my husband’s skin (red bumps, welts, scales all went away, his skin is softer and supple) it only relieved the itching for a few hours. So it didn’t cure the itch, but as I said his skin is much, much healthier and it does give him some relief we just have to keep applying it.  Also, I had abdominal surgery three months ago leaving me with three thick, dark purple scars. I use this cream on those scars and after just a month all three are thinner, less firm, and have noticeably faded. This cream is amazing and well worth the price.”  – I.M. Shai


Red Rock Organics Rosacea Cream is amazing. My husband and both of my children suffer from extreme eczema and I have not been able to find anything that will help relieve the itching and annoying rash like dry skin. Until Now… All three of them are very excited that I received this product in exchange for my honest review because they finally have relief. They have all been using it for a week now and all 3 have seem a dramatic change in the appearance and itchiness of their skin. I am so happy that I finally found something that works for them. My husband was so happy with the results that he has started using it on his dry, cracked heels and has noticed an improvement there as well and it has only been 2 days. I will definitely be a repeat customer.” – Brenda


“Very good cream, makes me look younger.”  – Gail J. 


“Very good cream. I’m happy with purchase. Will buy again. Thanks.” – Jalena 


OMG. I have found the Holy Grail of face & skin moisturizing & evening out my skin tone to normal. Until last week I had terrible skin problems. I grew up in the 70’s when oil was used daily for suntanning, also I’m under a huge amount of stress taking care of my aging & most difficult Mother (that I love dearly). I could not wear the color red, pink or purple because my skin tone was so splotchy. I was at the point were I was thinking about having photo finish done to my upper chest area for the amount of 2,500 which I can’t really afford anyway. After using this product for 3 days on my chest, hands, arms & face I am very happy to say for the first time in years my skin looks normally even toned & well moisturized. I put it on 2 times a day, I’m at day 6 & what a miracle. I cant wait to try the eye serum & Rosacea cream. I am 56 years old. I AM VERY HAPPY WITH THIS PRODUCT!  Manuka Honey Facial Moisturizer by Red Rock Organics. –  Donna R. 


“I have rosacea and my cheeks are so blotchy, red and dry. It’s horrible and make-up does not cover it, it irritates it more. I received this at a discounted rate for an honest review because I have rosacea and this works better than the over the counter stuff I used last month. This has made that dryness go away and the redness in my cheeks have reduced to almost nothing. I can wear makeup again.” – Cassi H.


“I am very much enjoying the manuka honey cream. I am a fan of manuka honey in general but have been using this on my face, neck and other areas with skin issues. I am already seeing improvement. I bought 2 jars as I wanted my daughter and 10 year old grandson, who both have eczema, to try it as well. They both say they feel immediate relief from the itching and dryness and my grandson says it is the first lotion that doesn’t burn or smell bad when he puts it on.” –  Lana


“I was pretty miserable with a very itchy rash that showed up on my face a few weeks ago, so I am very happy to report that your Manuka Honey Skin Cream resolved the itching within the first two days of using it. I’m continuing using it, as I’m still a little dry, and I’m still a little red where the itchiness was, and it  it is working really well.  Thank you!” – Gerri


“As a biochemist and cellular molecular biologist, I was intrigued by the Red Rock Organics Aloe Vera Skin Cream. I also suffer from dry and very sensitive skin. I was very excited to be given the opportunity to try this skin cream and gladly offer my observations and opinion. I am very impressed with Red Rock Organics skin cream. It has a wonderful blend of organics. The skin cream has a wonderful light and pleasing aroma. The texture is very smooth and supple when applying it. The cream glides on smoothly and fairly evenly. It is quite fast in absorbing and does not leave a waxy or tacky feel as others I have tried.

After only 3 days there have been dramatic results. I live in the Northeast and this particular winter has been harsh and taken a toll on my skin. Prior to using this Manuka Honey Skin Cream, I had cracked skin, mostly near my knuckles and the tips of my fingers. My overall skin was very dry and fine white lines would appear. I also had itching and burning in some spots as well. After applying the skin cream the first time, the dryness and white lines were greatly reduced. The skin cream relieved the itchy and burning and replaced it with smooth and soft skin. In the 3 days, the rough and most severely cracked patches of skin have become almost non-existent. This is a wonderful skin cream and I will be recommending this to my friends and family….even those with sensitive skin like myself.”  –  Misti M.


“I bought the other lotion  (regular manuka) by mistake. I want the one that treats rosacea. But I loved it so much I kept it anyway. But when I tried the one for the rosacea, my rosacea went into 90% remission within 48 hours! Omg! Thank you so much!!! I can’t tell you how much this lotion has helped me in how fast it works!!! It’s amazing! !! Thank you!!!!”  –  John S.


“I love your cream and it has helped me so much during my pregnancy, cleared my acne up and helped my belly stretch with no issues!    Thank you!” – Krista


“I am a believer in your formula and I LOVE it! I am praying for your companies long term success, I never want to be without this stuff. Excuse my gushiness, I have just never found anything that really worked!” – Nancy


“I’ve been using the wash and skin cream for 1 week and I can definitely see a difference in the spots on my face. They are becoming lighter and one has almost faded – what a wonderful surprise.  I am so thrilled with the instant results on my face, that I will continue to use your products and am looking forward to having a “spot free” face again.” – Jane


“This is taking the products to the level they deserve! Fabulous and beautifully, but credibly explains why the products are the best out there. Your honesty, integrity and commitment to offering us natural and effective consistently trustworthy products is a treasure so rarely found in the world of skincare.  Just Awesome!!!” – Cindy


“My sister Diane Collins introduced me to your product when I was visiting her in Texas…I know I’ll love it..I had an eye rash and it cleared it up in minutes…thanks again. M.R.


“I have been using the Red Rock Organics eye serum for a little over a week now and I do love it!
God Bless. – Barbie S. 


For 7 years I have suffered with an undiagnosed skin condition. My skin is red and it burns, like it would from a rug burn. I have even visited the Mayo Clinic and they gave me a perscription for a special medical cream. Your skin cream is the ONLY THING that has ever helped me… even more than the one the Mayo Clinic prescribed!
C. B.


I bought the product a year ago at the Flower Show in Boston for my son who has psoriasis. Its the only thing that has ever worked for him, and it has changed his life! He is all out of what I bought for him, can’t afford it himself and its what he asked me to get for him for Christmas. S.A.


I got a sample jar of this from a friend and so decided to give it a try. I’ve had age spots on my face for some time now (over 60) and thought, what the heck… it can’t hurt… and to my surprise… the age spots lessened within a couple days of using this cream. I’m not saying they went away totally, but they are very less noticeable.. not as dark at all. The other thing I really like about this particular cream is that after you rub it in, it is not sticky… it just soaks right in and doesn’t have any residue on top of your skin. And no fragrance… I love that! C.J.